Yarn Lovers Get Involved!

In addition to entering the I Love Yarn Day 2016 Scavenger Hunt contest and following ILYD on social media, October 15th is the perfect time to get-together with friends to celebrate crochet, knitting and crafting with yarn. Plan a special activity:

Special Activities

Fiber Flash Mob

Here’s a slightly different twist on this social media phenomenon, create a Fiber Flash Mob. Get together with other yarn enthusiasts to crochet, knit, weave, wear, bomb or simply to share. Check out these tips on organizing a fiber meet up.

Knit & Crochet for a Cause

Top off this feel good day spending time to help others. Whether you are working alone, with co-workers at lunchtime or celebrating ILYD with a group, ply your needles and hooks for a cause. Here is one suggestion… Warm Up America! …a charity that has been donating afghans and knitted and crocheted accessories to people in need for more than 30 years, maintains a list of social service agencies requesting needed items. Learn more about this program at the Warm Up America! website (www.warmupamerica.org) and check out the patterns here as well.

Start a CAL (crochet along) or KAL (knit along) project on ILYD

Here’s all you have to do. Select a project and yarn type. You’ll be surprised how the different yarn colors and techniques will change the finished project completely. Also, you can share tips and techniques as the project progresses. CAL and KAL throughout the fall and winter months but set a deadline for finishing.

Plan a group yarn bomb!

yarn bombed benchWhether it’s to decorate a neighborhood eyesore or to create street art, covering objects with crocheted and knitted fabric is a rewarding group project and a great way to make a statement on ILYD. Here are links to some of our favorite yarn bombings:

Yarn bomb favorites/suggestions:

teaching knittingYarn is knowledge

Is there an experienced knitter/crocheter whose work you admire? Consider asking her/him to teach you and your friends a technique on ILYD, such as tips on joining seams or basic color work.

Yarn Crawl

Get a group of friends together and go shopping at your local yarn shop (LYS) and craft stores. Start a project together with your new yarn and cap off the evening with a yarn-themed party!

Philadelphia Museum of Art yarn bombing

party ideas

Yarn-Centric Party Ideas

Get together with your BFFs, share stories from some of the industry’s favorite bloggers and designers about why they love yarn and their tips and tricks for stitching it forward. Plus, check out their fabulous free projects.

PinterestAdd a festive touch to your get together and be sure to check out the I Love Yarn Day Pinterest page for inspiration and pin your ideas too.

Sweet Treats Make a Party

Here are some of our favorite ideas that will make your party uniquely yarn-centric!

Cake toppers
Cake toppersCover small Styrofoam balls with colorful yarn to decorate a favorite cake. They are reusable and might replace candles at your next birthday party.
Yarn cupcakes
Yarn ball cupcakesTransform the round shape of a cupcake top into a colorful ball of yarn! Decorate with two bamboo skewers that look like knitting needles to make an adorable, ILYD dessert.
Sugar cookies are the perfect “canvas” for colorful icing. With the aid of clever cake icing tools, design yarn balls, needles or hooks and, if you are ambitious, delightful granny square motifs. Bet you can’t eat just one.


Yarn pom-pom place-card holders
knit tiny sweaters for ever catSet the table for your friends with colorful cardholders made from pom-poms. Print their names on the card or fun yarn sayings like: Behind every knitter is a huge stash of yarn, or Winter is coming…crochet faster. Check out Pinterest for more funny phrases for these party favors.
Yarn ball garland
Surround your friends with yarn. Grab yarn from your stash to create easy-to-make pompoms (thank heavens for pompom makers!) or twist and braid strands of various colors together for garland.
Festive balloons
balloon with yarn decorationCover balloons in tiny pompoms, attach the balloons to your door and there will be no mistaking the location of the I Love Yarn Party!

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